The  Elements

Our busy lives often mean we lose touch with the enivonment and in particular our connection to the elements. At Chantry Farm we are deeply connected to nature and the way in which the elements impact our lives, from fetching water, breathing in the fresh air, or warming ourselves by the fire. As you spend time here, you have the opportunity to become aware of how the elements are interconneced - with yourself as a part of nature, and maybe to notice what you take for granted in your daily life.



From the sublime landforms, with iconic Bronze Age Earthworks right down to the Composting loo.. it couldn't get much earthier here!  



Wolstonbury water to be exact .. sourced from our own borehole the water held in the chalk aquifer which makes up an underground domain on this remarkable hill.. the water is so pure it only needs the lightest sediment filtration.



Trees, hedges, and logs.. they are here aplenty.. as homes for birds, the fabric of the Shepherds Huts and cabins, foraging venues for all of us and in log form, a source of heat and light -.. the mesmerising living and dead wood which is such a huge part of the farm helps root us in the rythmns of daily life.



From that fireball in the sky, its rays absorbed into 285w panels, we use it to power everything from the borehole pump to the lights.  There is also a thermal array for direct solar water heating.. you are also welcome to do that supremely human thing of lighting your own fire!



How to show wind?! The air here feels refined.. go up to the ridge and take a lung-full.. its heavenly ..   We have a small 1.5kw wind turbine to help the solar during winter times.. capturing another elemental power 24/7.



With the South Downs being a designated Dark Skies location we do our bit to avoid artificial noctural lights.. space seems more present in its silky overnight guise, under a canopy of stars..Most nights the moon makes things visible enough.. then by day, the scale of the blue skies here is, well, as vast as space.

Experience all these wonderful things at Wolstonbury Dreaming!


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