Chantry Farm has a rich history dating back to at least 1350.  The camping business is helping to fund our venture into more sustainable ways of farming and sharing the land.  

The history of land use - back to the Bronze Age - is fascinating , and shows this sacred land has been used in so many ways.. so there’s a bit about that on this site.. and we are planning guided walks too... but not so much here about the Swaledale sheep, clover.. and how we dry the nettles...   do ask if you’re interested, or simply enjoy your encounter with vast, open and timeless space...



We both had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air, walks, cycles, tranquillity; Royal Oak grub…the list is endless!

                                                                                     Shane from Ireland

We don’t take camper vans...  (but lookalikes are welcome!)

“OK Lucy, this is a Bronze Age platform barrow and there’s quite a lot to munch on, but over your shoulder I see the Brighton Eye, and I hear there’s a jolly fine candyfloss stand nearby..  The number 17 bus takes 15 minutes from Pyecombe Street.. Fancy a trip to the sea?  We’d be back before the shepherd notices..” 

“Im holding my pose for this photo..  Im happy here on the farm.. and I get vertigo on big wheels “

Visitors’ comment on the views.. 

I knew it was going to be spectacular, but I didn’t know it would be this good”

The Shepherd’s Huts & Emperor Belle all have >40m2 of outside space each.  Own Tents pitches are generous too..

“We should tell everyone about it.  No, let’s not.”  A couple after staying the 12’ hut

The Campsite helps fund conservation of 54 glorious acres of the South Downs, 15 mins from Brighton.  Visitor numbers usually limited to 30, so you can enjoy a sense of space and safety.  Chantry is an eco-campsite, with clean composting loos, hot bucket showers and solar for phone charging, which honours the rural experience and shared environmental responsibility -we all give a sh*t!  The sunsets are often amazing and our moon rises are stunning too.  A canopy of beautiful stars are best viewed lying down, so that’s handy..



5 - 28 May is Artist Open House Month in Ditchling - a lovely walk over the Downs..